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 FIGHTERS - Heavy bag / Uppercut / 120cm / 45 kg / black

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arrow FIGHTERS - Heavy bag / Uppercut / 120cm / 45 kg / black
FIGHTERS - Heavy bag / Uppercut  / 120cm / 45 kg / black FIGHTERS - Heavy bag / Uppercut  / 120cm / 45 kg / black FIGHTERS - Heavy bag / Uppercut  / 120cm / 45 kg / black
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Article Description
• for beginners and Pro
• durable synthetic leather
• massive chains including
• waterproof

The FIGHTERS punching bags are the highest quality in the trade. The punching bag is suitable for professional use and offers a long-lasting and intense workout. But even for the beginner, the punching bag is quite suitable. The reason is the not too hard padding, which allows a gentle bag training.

The punching bag impresses with its high-quality, tear-resistant, durable and sweat-resistant upper layer. Also, the punching bag has a very smooth surface, which protects the bag gloves and also allows training without gloves. The seams have been extra reinforced for a long life. The four-point steel chain chrome-plated and coarse design guarantees a secure suspension.

The filled training bags are filled with special pressings that do not make the punching bag too hard. This guarantees an unclouded workout for beginners as well as in the professional field.

All our punching bags are in stock in Switzerland. On request, you can also pick up the goods directly in our warehouse, without further delivery costs by appointment.
Product Specifications
Height: 120 cm
Width: 50 cm
Weight: 45 Kg
Colour: Black
Material: Vinyl
Chain: massive 6 strand chain


The FIGHTERS brand was founded in 2010 in Switzerland. FIGHTERS offers martial artists with a wide range of quality products from the fields of boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA. Since 2012, the FIGHTERS brand has been approved by the Swiss Kickboxing Association as an official trademark in tournaments. FIGHTERS is currently available in Switzerland, France, Germany and Austria. FIGHTERS is already used by many martial arts clubs as their preferred brand.
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